Sloping Garden Ideas from Dublin Landscape Gardeners

Steep gardens present their own challenges. A gallery of design ideas for the

Luxury Terraced Garden

Lotus Landscape Design from Wicklow,dublin

This steeply sloping site did not facilitate an easy flow between the house and garden. To address this, we built stone ...>>see photos

Garden With Stone Steps

Strong Garden Design And Landscaping from Dublin

This city garden already had a natural stone boundary wall. However, it was sloping and featureless. We created two distinct ...>>see photos

Sloping Garden Blarney

Darren Drummond Landscape Design and Construction from Cork

This large, sloping garden in Blarney was a pleasure to work with. We created a large sunny patio near the house in sandstone ...>>see photos

Garden For Period House in West Cork

Fox Gardens from Cork

This garden was for a period house with an exceptional view. The client wanted to make use of a large expanse of steeply ...>>see photos

Very Steep Garden

Greenstone Landscapes from Dublin

This garden was steep enough to ski down! Lacking snow however, Greenstone took no prisoners, with a complete garden transformation. ...>>see photos

Wicklow Garden

Greenstone Landscapes from Dublin

This large garden with incredible views over the Wicklow hills was largely under utilised because of the very steep slope ...>>see photos

Sloping Garden

Greenstone Landscapes from Dublin

Football and sloping gardens just don't work together. The solution was to terrace this long sloping garden into 3 levels. ...>>see photos

Terraced Garden

Greenstone Landscapes from Dublin

Greenstone Landscapes brief for this large overgrown and sloping garden was simple - a complete overhaul! Following huge ...>>see photos

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