Very Good Eye for Detail

Customer reference for Eco Design and Management as told to pickapro by Colm Corrigan Builders Ltd from Palmerstown, Dublin 20 on 12-Feb-2020

When was the work done?
In 2018.

What was involved?
Renovation and extension of my house. We demolished existing extensions and added new front, side and rear extensions. We also did a full house renovation and added two new dormer windows in the attic. It all required planning permission. Jeremy did the design work, organised the planning application and my building company did the construction.

How did you choose Eco Design and Management?
I have a building company, Colm Corrigan Builders Ltd and I met Jeremy years ago on a project we were doing for a woman here in Lucan. She has engaged Eco Design and Management for design and inspections and my company for building. I have to say that Jeremy does a great job for the customer. He'd come in unannounced, check everything and within half an hour of leaving I'd get a big email with a fully summary of everything we had discussed and a list of everything to be done. Jeremy has great knowledge and a very good eye for detail.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Jeremy Kelly?
Yes, we knew what we wanted to do.

Did Jeremy introduce new ideas?
Yes, he did. He advised us on a few things from his experience and he was right. He advised us to put a little overhang on the apex roof at the back because it would look better and made some recommendations regarding drainage. He was also able to save us money on planning thanks to his understanding of the details of the rules and regulations. We didn't have to made a contribution to the local authority because of some exemption on the existing extensions I think.

How did the process run?
Good. Jeremy turned it all around very quickly. I rang Jeremy and he came straight down and measured up. Jeremy drew up the plans and he submitted the planning application. He even put the sign in the garden for us. He kept us updated on any objections and when the plans was approved. Once we had the planning permission, I took the project over myself.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Eco Design and Management?
I would say the speed that Jeremy turns designs around at. In our case, we told him what we wanted, he figured it out and he got the designs done. I know if you're looking for a real unusual design, you have to let the architect go away and think about it. But I think most people in this area anyway want something that will work well and doesn't require planning permission.

Would you recommend Eco Design and Management to others?
Yes, I often recommend Jeremy to my customers. I don't get any financial benefit for doing that but I know that Jeremy is efficient, that he's good and that he gets back to people. I've worked with some architects in the past that dragged out jobs. That has a big impact on people's lives and on the builder too.

Any tips for other people?
Yes, to consider getting drawings done even if it doesn't seem necessary. Some people don't want to pay for a design but it ends up costing them more. When a builder doesn't have a proper design and specification to price, there's just too many variables and unknowns. They'll either get too high a price to cover the unknowns or a "starting" price that's not going to cover stuff like insulation or lights that they'll want to add in later.

Our Customers Say

Very Good Eye for Detail

Jeremy has great knowledge and a very good eye for detail.

Colm Corrigan Builders Ltd from Palmerstown, Dublin 20 talks to pickapro .. See full interview

Turnkey Service Recommended

It was the turnkey service, design and project management It was just one person to deal with as opposed to having five or six different people you're chasing.

Margaret Charteris from Lucan, Co. Dublin talks to pickapro .. See full interview

Very Organised and Efficient

I have to say that what Jeremy proposed was absolutely perfect -- it's the best.

Doris Prokosch from Walkinstown, Dublin 12 talks to pickapro .. See full interview

Knowledgeable and Efficient

It comes back to the finer details that Jeremy was able to do to bring to the project. They all add together and turn something average into something more interesting.

Greg Madigan from County Wicklow talks to pickapro .. See full interview

Attention To Detail

Jeremy would be quite good at identifying places where maybe the builders were trying to add on unnecessary bits.

Theresa Trainor from Dublin 16 talks to pickapro .. See full interview


The biggest benefit of using Jeremy was his expertise, his thoroughness and the confidence that he gave us that everything was done to the highest possible standard.

Linda Hogan from -Manooth, County Kildare talks to pickapro .. See full interview

Jeremy really stayed on top of things

One of the reasons I would recommend Jeremy is that he was really invested in the project.

Derek O'Rourke from Clane, CountyKildare talks to pickapro .. See full interview

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