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Customer reference for Eco Design and Management as told to pickapro by Theresa Trainor from Dublin 16 on 10-Feb-2020

When was the work done?
Technically, Jeremy has done some work for us twice. The first time would have been about eight years ago in the summer of 2012 when we had a house extension added on. He did the design work for that. Then, about two years ago, my mother was moving house and he did one or two surveys of houses that she was looking at buying. The design work in 2012 was the larger of the two projects.

What was involved?
We wanted to have an extension added onto the house. Jeremy would have visited our house four or five times in the process of drawing up the designs and project managing the building once it started.

How did you choose Eco Design and Management?
It was a long time ago but I believe he was recommended to us by a family member who has used him before. We had already selected our builder and we found out that they had worked together previously as well. They knew each other, so, that helped.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Jeremy Kelly?
Yes, we pretty much knew what we wanted. It was just getting Jeremy to put it on paper in a way that the builders could do their thing with.

Did Jeremy introduce new ideas?
I think it was a kind of a combination. Our big thing was to make sure that we had a light, bright extension and I think Jeremy was very on board with that. He would have determined the best orientation, choosing window layouts and things like that. A lot of his ideas would've been more along the lines of practicalities, things that he would know, that you might not be as familiar with.

How did the project run?
We were very pleased. We needed planning permission and we filled that in with Jeremy's assistance. He didn't need to put the tender out to builders as we had already selected the builder we wanted. We were very independent. We would have interviewed, I think, five builders in the processes but we did that ourselves using Jeremy's designs.

We did move out of the house for a little while, because we were knocking the back of the house off to have a whole new kitchen and it was a little bit unlivable.

While the project was going on we were in contact and consultation with Jeremy because different situations would come up. For instance there was a situation where we might need added steel in the roof supports and a problem with an external vault. If the builders came along and said, "You need X extras," we would consult Jeremy on things that. There was a few times where Jeremy would have stood up for our case and be like, "They don't need to do that". They might be pushing it a little bit." He'd be quite good at identifying places where maybe they were trying to add on unnecessary bits.

Jeremy project managed and definitely kept an eye on things. If we had queries, Jeremy was available for consultation. The builders were issued progress payments as the project progressed and we would be able to say to him, "Does this sound reasonable Jeremy?"

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Eco Design and Management?
I would say with Jeremy, the big thing was attention to detail. It's the small stuff that, let's say, householders don't think about that are a real pain if you get them wrong. One example I have, a really strong example is electric sockets. I really remember sitting down and spending quite a long time with Jeremy over how many sockets we needed and where they were and making sure they got into the design before we got the building work priced up. They're expensive add-ons when you don't do it in time and the builders come along and you want to add sockets everywhere. Things that the average, just ordinary house owner doesn't think of. For example, we have one light switch that we can turn off all the lights, except for the room on the very outside of the house. We never thought, "We need a light switch on both sides of the walls for that room." Jeremy was the one that would have thought of that and the kids are surprised, "We didn't know we had a light switch there."

Would you recommend Eco Design and Management to others?
I would yes, of course.

Our Customers Say

Very Good Eye for Detail

Jeremy has great knowledge and a very good eye for detail.

Colm Corrigan Builders Ltd from Palmerstown, Dublin 20 talks to pickapro .. See full interview

Turnkey Service Recommended

It was the turnkey service, design and project management It was just one person to deal with as opposed to having five or six different people you're chasing.

Margaret Charteris from Lucan, Co. Dublin talks to pickapro .. See full interview

Very Organised and Efficient

I have to say that what Jeremy proposed was absolutely perfect -- it's the best.

Doris Prokosch from Walkinstown, Dublin 12 talks to pickapro .. See full interview

Knowledgeable and Efficient

It comes back to the finer details that Jeremy was able to do to bring to the project. They all add together and turn something average into something more interesting.

Greg Madigan from County Wicklow talks to pickapro .. See full interview

Attention To Detail

Jeremy would be quite good at identifying places where maybe the builders were trying to add on unnecessary bits.

Theresa Trainor from Dublin 16 talks to pickapro .. See full interview


The biggest benefit of using Jeremy was his expertise, his thoroughness and the confidence that he gave us that everything was done to the highest possible standard.

Linda Hogan from -Manooth, County Kildare talks to pickapro .. See full interview

Jeremy really stayed on top of things

One of the reasons I would recommend Jeremy is that he was really invested in the project.

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