Garden Room Killiney

Customer reference for Simon Hoe Architect as told to pickapro by Michael Cotter from Killiney, Co Dublin on 06-Oct-2011

When was the work done?
The work started in July and was finished in October, 2011. The project took approximately six or seven weeks.

What was involved?
We had a conservatory at the back of our house that we wanted to get rid of because it was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. We wanted to build a garden room that could be used throughout the year. I contacted Simon to design it for me and he came up with plans that had some lovely features. Simon was also able to recommend the builder that we went with and who turned out to be excellent as well.

How did you choose Simon Hoe RIBA?
Simon was pesonally recommended to us from someone who had used him before. I had spoken to another architect but I wasn't as happy with some of the ideas he presented. I felt that with Simon we were both on the same page.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Simon Hoe?
Nothing definite, just that I wanted a room that could be used year round.

Did Simon introduce new ideas?
Other than the general design ideas, Simon incorporated a window seat onto a small wall facing a corner of the garden to take the straight line look off the wall. It looks very nice. Simon also came up with the idea to do the steps leading out into the garden a larger size than I had originally thought.

How did the project run?
The whole project went like clockwork and Simon handled everything. Simon oversaw the project and all significant communication with the builder was done through Simon. The builders were excellent on detail, terribly neat and the work caused a minimum amount of disruption. The job took six or seven weeks and was finished on schedule. We're very happy with how it all turned out.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Simon Hoe RIBA?
The fact that Simon really knew his job and ran the project well. I reckon the job went a lot better because Simon was in the middle dealing directly with the builder. Simon was better at that than I would have been because he knows what to look for and how things should be done.

What's your favourite part now?
I like everything that was done but one part that really stands out for me are the steps that Simon designed from the back door leading into the garden. I had never thought of making them as big as they are, that was Simon's idea but they really made a lovely job of it.

Would you recommend Simon Hoe RIBA to others?
Yes, without question.

Any tips for other people?
Get the right people in to do the job and do it professionally. Don't think that you can do it yourself.

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Garden Room Killiney

I reckon the job went a lot better because Simon was in the middle dealing directly with the builder.

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