Extend, Renovate Cottage. Dublin

Customer reference for Simon Hoe Architect as told to pickapro by Bebhinn Murphy from Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin on 11-Oct-2011

When was the work done?
The work was done approximately two and a half years ago, in 2009.

What was involved?
We had an old, two bedroom cottage that we wanted renovated and extended. We turned the two bedroom cottage into a three bed and redesigned the living area to make it more suitable to a four person family. We needed an architect to draw up the plans but we also wanted someone to supervise the project and liaise with the builder from the beginning to the end. It cost a little bit more than just going with a builder but I felt that the added security and less stress on our part was worth it. Simon provided that.

How did you choose Simon Hoe RIBA?
Simon was recommended to me by a neighbour who also happened to be an architect. He dealt mainly with commercial projects but recommended Simon for this type of domestic homeowner job. Simon was a good listener and pleasant to deal with. The way Simon did things was very holistic and he was able to incorporate his style with what we wanted.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Simon Hoe?
My husband and I both have similar tastes and we know what we like, but we didn't want to waste energy deciding exactly what we wanted. We weren't afraid of being modern but the house was old and we knew that we needed to marry the old with a bit of modern. We had no preconceived notions of what we would get, we left that part of it up to Simon. It was an old house and I wanted the ideas, creativity and expertise that an architect could bring to the project and we got that in bucketloads with Simon.

Did Simon introduce new ideas?
Loads but at no time did he impose his ideas on us - everything was discussed. Simon knew that with the cottage being small that maximising living and storage space would be a priority and he had lots of clever ways of bringing that about. He was so creative. Some of Simon's solutions were practical like where to put a door or more complex like what to do in order to maximise light. Simon was also helpful with regards to recommending more energy efficient and environmentally friendly systems. For instance he recommended an electric shower in the ensuite because it would save energy over bringing hot water over from a boiler. Simon also suggested pre-wiring the house so that in the future if we wanted to add solar panels, we could.

How did the project run?
Simon was 100% reliable. There was never an unresolved issue or disappointment on any level. Appointments were met, calls made and returned and there was never any chasing around.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Simon Hoe RIBA?
The biggest benefit was how we were able to give Simon a list of our objectives and a rough idea of the budget and he was able to create something above and beyond the sum of all the parts. Our family got something really beautiful that we love and is completely functional. There's no way we could have achieved this without Simon and I'm not sure we would have gotten anyone better. Simon was absolutely the right person for the job.

What's your favourite part now?
The whole house but in particular I love the kitchen. It's really beautiful because even though it's small in size, it feels bigger because it has a high ceiling. we extended our kitchen out by a metre but we raised the ceiling about two to three metres.

Would you recommend Simon Hoe RIBA to others?
Absolutely and I do all the time,

Any tips for other people?
I feel that having an architect supervise the project from the beginning to its conclusion is really useful and I'm glad that we paid that extra tiny bit to get Simon to do it for us. I think it's also good advice to prepare a kind of "look book" of your likes and tastes before meeting with an architect. That gives the architect a more visual idea of what styles and impressions you're after.

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