Complete Home Renovation

Customer reference for Carabini Construction as told to pickapro by Noel Snowe from Cabra, Dublin 7 on 21-Jan-2014

When was the work done?
The work was carried out in 2009.

What was involved?
We had purchased a very old bungalow in Cabra overlooking the Phoenix Park which needed to be completely gutted and renovated. There was so much work involved because when the renovation began only the walls and roof were in place. There was an extension at the back that needed to be refurbished and reroofed, the attic was converted , the walls replastered and painted, the floors done over and windows and doors installed. Everything needed to be done, it was a big job and it took about 16 weeks.

How did you choose this company?
I found out about Joe and Jason by driving past them every day on my way into work. They were working on a house in the area and I would pass them at 8:00 AM and they would still be there at 7:00 or 8:00PM as I was going home. It really impressed me that they were that hard working and willing to stay on the job that late when others would have left for the day. When it came time to getting tenders for the job, I gave them a ring and told them what I was after. They gave me a quote, which wasn't the cheapest, but what swung it for me was the fact that I knew from the experience of driving by them, how long and hard they worked every day. Having heard horror stories about cowboy builders and such, you're nervous about taking on tradesmen but I was very happy that I chose Joe. It really worked out well.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Joe Carabini?
I gave them quite a challenge and I'll tell you why. I decided that I wanted my wife whose very creative and has good ideas to be project manager and liaise with Joe, we didn't get an architect. I wanted her to come up with ideas, sit down with the builders and see what was possible. They got on fantastically well and the project was a success and a positive experience.

Did Joe introduce new ideas?
From day one the ideas that Joe came up with had to do with accomplishing one thing, he wanted us to be able to sit down and enjoy the house. The house in it's original state was dark, dull, sad and according to Joe needed a facelift. I'm sitting down as I speak next to an open stove fire looking out onto this beautiful park. The house has been transformed!

How did the project run?
I would have to say 100%. Joe and his team had a job to do and they just got stuck in and did it. Joe always had tight control of the guys working and there was never any messing. You're always a little nervous about inconveniences to your neighbours but there was never any problems.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Joe and his team?
I would say the biggest benefit was Joe's personality in that he's very good at communication. He was upfront in all situations and wanted the same from you, I found it admirable and refreshing. It was important to be open because it meant that there would be less chance for miscommunication. What I also liked was that if something could or couldn't be done, Joe always explained why.

What's your favourite part now?
The house we have backs onto the Phoenix Park and we wanted to try and capture the view and enhance it. Joe stressed that we wanted to draw as much light into the room by raising the back windows good and high to pull in the light. The walls were replastered and painted a lovely magnolia and I have to say that the house looks fantastic.

Would you recommend this company to others?
I would have no reservations in recommending them and I have done. I found Joe and Jason to be very honest and hard working people.

Any tips for other people?
I would recommend that if you don't have the type of imagination that can see things creatively, get the help of an expert who can give you options. Don't just go and do a building job and then regret it. My wife is very creative and she would visit other homes in our area overlooking the park to get ideas about what they had done.

Our Customers Say

Complete Home Renovation

From day one the ideas that Joe came up with had to do with accomplishing one thing, he wanted us to be able to sit down and enjoy the house.

Noel Snowe from Cabra, Dublin 7 talks to pickapro .. See full interview

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