Really Nice Finishes, Incredibly Clean

Customer reference for Clancon Build as told to pickapro by Ruairi from Broadstone, Dublin 7 on 02-Feb-2016

When was the work done?
Between March and the end of May, 2015.

What was involved?
It was a complete renovation of a mid-terrace Victorian redbrick and a rebuild of an extension out the back.

How did you choose Clancon Build?
Clancon Build were recommended by a friend of mine, who actually lives across the street from my house and Anthony had done her house. I went through my architect and it came down to three builders in the end. It was more to do with Anthony and Joe in person – they were very interested and definitely paid attention to what we were saying; they know their stuff, were able to talk to my architect and the budget was pretty good.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Anthony Clancy?
We went to the architect with our own drawings, style boards and stuff we had pulled out of magazines. Clancon Build were great. I know my girlfriend loved speaking to Joe in particular because she was just coming up with mad ideas, and he was really engaging with her and telling her what was possible, stuff that we didn't know was possible. He was really good that way.

Did Anthony introduce new ideas?
We've a flat roof on the extension out the back, and we were dead against flat roofs. We had that old idea that flat roofs are leaky. Joe and Anthony were telling us that new technology was there and everything is guaranteed for 20 years. We worked with that and other ideas, which brought us more space.

How did the project run?
I have to say it was really good. I was working across the road, so I was on-site most days. They are incredibly clean. Every day when I'd get back over on-site everything was tidied away, which was a nice touch. They were great, always on time. They flew through the work. I was pretty happy with all that.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Clancon Build?
A lot of the quality of the finish, which we weren't expecting, particularly with the carpentry. We got some really nice finishes. We thought we'd have to bring in a cabinet-maker but I think their carpenter is a cabinet-maker. We have a lot of exposed wood, a ply kitchen that we have running into the hall, and he was able to match materials with our kitchen contractors.

What's your favourite part now?
Particularly in summer, the window seat in the new extension, kind of a wraparound window seat. We love it, and it has great big windows. I'd say that's probably our favourite part.

Would you recommend Clancon Build to others?
Yes, and I have. Clancon Build were great, they were incredibly personable. I got on with every single one of them. The friendliness was pretty great too.

Any tips for other people?
Be on-site as much as possible. Engage with the builders. They're always willing to listen. When you're there talking to them in the morning before they start work, maybe something that doesn't come across in a drawing can come across better in person. I would say the more engagement you have the better.

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Really Nice Finishes, Incredibly Clean

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