Prompt Service, Quality Work

Customer reference for Fox Home Improvements as told to pickapro by Clare Hickey from Sandymount, Dublin 4 on 17-May-2017

When was the work done?
Over the last 6 weeks - April, May 2017.

What was involved?
We'd moved into a new house - it needed a lot of work done. For example, he build a lovely storage unit around the hot water tank. He also put alcove units under the stairs for storage.

How did you choose Fox Home Improvements?
A friend recommended Gintaras to me. She had moved in as the same time as me and he had done lots of work on her house. I generally get three quotes for everything and Gintaras's quote was very competitive.

Did Gintaras introduce new ideas?
Yes, he did. We didn't have very set ideas so we were happy to get Gintaras's input. For the understairs storage, Gintaras suggested pull-out cupboards with a kind of hidden handle and they've worked out really well. Having said that, Gintaras doesn't push you into getting extras done. For example, I was thinking of putting extra bookcases into an alcove but I didn't because Gintaras thought it wouldn't work well.

How did the project run?
Gintaras did a fantastic job with everything really. I can't recommend him enough. He was so clean and so respectful of our home.He didn't treat our house as a site, like so many tradespeople do. For example, he brought in a special sticky carpet to protect our carpet when he was doing the alcoves. Little things like that really make a difference.

The work is to a really high standard. There was a couple of little things that I changed, like knobs on cupboard doors and it was never a problem for him to come back. He is very prompt in replying to any text.

Gintaras is someone I could trust and leave in the house. He told us that if there's any issues with any of the work to let him know. You could tell that Gintaras takes pride in his work. He'd a good solid worker with a good work ethic.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Fox Home Improvements?
Prompt service, very high quality work and a reasonable price.

Would you recommend Fox Home Improvements to others?
Yes, I definitely would. There's other things I want to get done over time and I'll definitely be getting Gintaras back.

Our Customers Say

Won't Leave Until It's Right

Gintaras is very friendly and he'll talk you through everything. He's just really, really good.

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Good Value and Very Reliable

Gintaras was so reliable, so efficient and we were so happy with the job that we just get getting him to come back.

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Amazing Work Ethic

Gintaras's work is outstanding and he's an amazing work ethic. We've always had a very good working relationship.

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Prompt Service, Quality Work

Gintaras did a fantastic job with everything really. I can't recommend him enough.

Clare Hickey from Sandymount, Dublin 4 talks to pickapro .. See full interview

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