Renovation and Extending Up.

Customer reference for Polaris Builders as told to pickapro by Edel Keegan from Bray, Co Wicklow on 12-Aug-2011

When was the work done?
The work was done in 2006.

What was involved?
We had a very small bungalow that we wanted to completely renovate and extend upward to a second floor. The house was gutted, the walls were all reinforced and the roof and attic were removed so that we could put two rooms upstairs. A staircase was built as well.

How did you choose Polaris Builders?
We found Andrew through an advertisement. We had been shopping around, talking to different builders and getting quotes. Some of the quotes were low, some were rediculously high and Andrew's came in around the middle. He was a nice guy, seemed to know what he was doing and we chose him to do the work.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Andrew Rudenko?
We did and we didn't. The main thing was to utilise the space more efficiently and to add additional rooms with the extension.

Did Andrew introduce new ideas?
He did indeed, absolutely. Andrew gave us good advice on how to better utilise the available space, the general layout and practical matters.

How did the project run?
Very well. There was a lot to do and a tight time schedule. We were living outside the house at the time and wanted to be back in as soon as possible. It was stressful not living on site but Andrew's communication and always keeping us in the loop as far as what was going on, really helped. My husband would liaise with Andrew every day. Andrew and his crew were onsite early every morning and worked sometimes late into the evening. I thought it was going above and beyond but I give them top marks for it. My husband and I were very happy with how the project turned out.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Polaris Builders?
The biggest benefit was that they were so reliable and did what they were supposed to do. There was constant communication and we were kept in the loop so we always knew what was going on.

What's your favourite part now?
I just love the whole thing. The house was so small before and now we have so much more space. It's bright, airy and the house has been completely transformed.

Would you recommend Polaris Builders to others?
I would, yes. We're delighted with what we had done.

Any tips for other people?
Don't just get a quote and choose someone because of something you've heard. Make an informed decision based on what they've done in the past. Go and have a look yourself at previous work they've done. If you speak to a builder and they can't or won't show you previous work, don't choose them.

Our Customers Say

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Andrew wanted to do the job well, quality was very important for him as well as me. Whatever project Andrew does next, they're really lucky.

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To be honest, the whole thing is great, everything was perfect. ..Andrew really bended over backwards for me.

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I have no quibble or problem recommending Andrew. That's probably the best thing you can say about anybody.

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I would give Andrew ten out of ten on everything he did here.

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I did my homework and Andrew came out of the best, overall including on price.

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Renovation and Extending Up.

I just love the whole thing...It's bright, airy and the house has been completely transformed.

Edel Keegan from Bray, Co Wicklow talks to pickapro .. See full interview

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