Open and Straightforward

Customer reference for REBS as told to pickapro by Siobhan Mathews from Walkinstown, Dublin 12 on 24-Sep-2008

When was the work done?
The work was carried out in July, 2008.

What was involved?
I had a derelict garden shed that needed a new front, roof and door. Basically, it needed to be rebuilt. My main concern at the time was just a shed that would be watertight but I was open to suggestions about what could be done. After speaking to John and having the work carried out I now have a shed that can be used as an extra room. It has insulated walls and floor, a new window, door, front and roof. I don't know what I'll use it for but there won't be any old lawnmowers going into it now. I'll probably need John to come back and build a regular storage shed to put the tools in.

How did you choose John McCormack?
I found John on pickapro. I had considered a few builders for the job but picked John because he got back to me quickly and followed it up. I spoke to John about the job and what I wanted done. I really liked what he had to say and the fact that he listened to me. I've found from experience that a lot of builders don't tend to listen to women.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to John McCormack?
I didn't really. At the time I was just thinking about getting a new front and roof for the shed but I was interested in hearing what John had to say about options.

Did John introduce new ideas?
He did, yes. After speaking to John and getting his ideas, I now have a shed that I can use in ways other than just storage. He had the idea of insulating the floor and walls and how best to do the roof. He added a nice window and door as well. What I liked about John was that everything was open and discussed, he never pushed me one way or the other. I took his ideas, spoke to my family and decided it was a good idea. It looks great and it wasn't nearly as expensive as I thought it would be.

How did the project run?
Very good. John told me exactly how long the job would take and he was right. It was excellent. Another thing I liked was that John told me exactly what he was using. I'm not that familiar about those types of things so I asked him to speak to my brother and he did. John went out of his way to explain everything and my family was really impressed. Everything was just so open and straightforward.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using John McCormack?
The fact that I felt that John knew what he was doing and that I could rely on him. I have another project going on at the moment that has taken a year and I've had problem after problem with builders. It was just nice to have someone like John that did what he said he would do with no hassles. He did a smashing job.

What's your favourite part now?
I like the roof that John put on. It really looks nice.

Would you recommend John McCormack to others?
Yes, of course and I have done.

Any tips for other people?
Be very clear about what you want done and make sure that the person carrying out the work understands completely. Make sure that everyone knows what their responsibilities are and get everything in writing if you can.

Our Customers Say

Excellent Workmanship

John's reliability was most important to me. He did everything he said he would do and I couldn't have asked for more

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10 Out Of 10

The quality of John's work and his commitment is his reference.

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Completed Ahead of Schedule

John was very approachable, easy to work with and I never felt stupid asking any questions.

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Open and Straightforward

It was just nice to have someone like John that did what he said he would do with no hassles. He did a smashing job!

Siobhan Mathews from Walkinstown, Dublin 12 talks to pickapro .. See full interview

Excellent Suggestions

John is very positive, full of ideas and talks about what can be done rather than what can't.

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Efficient and Quality Work

When we found out John was experienced in roofing, we grabbed him. We're very glad we did.

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Restored Garden Building

John's the best tradesman I've ever had do work on the house. He did everything I asked him to do.

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Reliable and Recommended

You get a good feeling about some people...It was a pleasure to work with someone like John.

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