Amazingly Reliable

Customer reference for Worth Building as told to pickapro by Fiona Ahern from Bellewstown, Co. Meath on 13-Mar-2019

When was the work done?
In 2017.

What was involved?
It's a very old house, probably about 120 years old and I noticed a lot of damp on a wall behind a bookcase. I could also see rot on one of the windows in a spare bedroom. Chris did a lot of exploration work to identify the cause of the damp - using a camera to look under floorboards, checking walls etc. When he identified that the damp was coming from an outside pipe, he replaced the outside pipe, replaced all the surroundings of the window and put an insulation board on the outside wall.

Chris also found that the same kind of a damp problem was beginning in one of the windows at the front and he redid the reveals on those windows too. He did a great job, really thorough

Chris also called in a heating expert because I told him about how the house was very cold. The expert was able to fix the heating in the house. So after being in the house about 12 years and freezing most of the time, for the first time ever, the heating got fixed. It's been great ever since.

Chris has done other work too. For example, the fireplace that was here was far too big for the room so he reduced as in size. He's restored an old shed I have outside and he's restored some decking supports. Those kinds of jobs just make all the difference.

How did you choose Chris McNamara?
I just saw an advertisement in the local supermarket and phoned him.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Chris McNamara?
Just to get the damp fixed. I'd no idea what would be involved though.

Did Chris introduce new ideas?
Yes. He got to the root of the problem and he fixed it.

How did the project run?
Really fantastic. I'm generally away during the day when he's working here and the job is done when I come back in the evening. Chris leaves everything is clean and back in its place. Really fantastic.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Chris McNamara?
Well, what I like about Chris is that he treats the house as if it's his own house. He doesn't just do a service job. He's determined to get it right and he gets at the root of the problem.

As well as that, Chris is amazingly reliable and I really trust him. I think his workmanship is terrific. I definitely get the impression that he is on my side. Chris doesn't want to charge more or to use expensive materials or anything like that. Chris really wants to do the best job he can in the most economical way.

Would you recommend Chris McNamara to others?
Yes, I have done, I've also had him back several times since then to do other different jobs around the house.

Any tips for other people?
If it's something like damp, do something about it as quickly as possible. Don't leave it.

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I was delighted with the work...I've recommended them now to a few people and everybody was happy.

Jean Kavanagh from North County Dublin talks to pickapro .. See full interview

Amazingly Reliable

Chris treats the house as if it's his own house. He really wants to do the best job he can in the most economical way.

Fiona Ahern from Bellewstown, Co. Meath talks to pickapro .. See full interview

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