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Customer reference for Worth Building as told to pickapro by Jean Kavanagh from North County Dublin on 19-Mar-2019

When was the work done?
About January 2015.

What was involved?
The house was an ordinary three bedroom house with a very small sitting room. We wanted to do a couple of things. Downstairs we wanted to make it almost entirely open plan with a central stove. Upstairs we wanted to change it from 3 bedroom to 2 bedroom and to enlarge the bathroom. They needed to put in structural steel as they were removing walls downstairs, They also needed to rebuild the chimney for the new central stove. They also did a complete renovation - new kitchen, full rewiring, redid all the plastering, new flooring throughout, a new kitchen, new front and back doors.

It was a big job but it's lovely now. When you walk into the house, the downstairs is open plan and the stove in the middle is really cosy. It's really made something of the house. Chris also fitted the kitchen himself and he made the most of every bit of space.

How did you choose Chris McNamara?
They had done work for my brother over the years and he was very happy with them. In fact they had done a similar job for my brother in a two-bedroomed house. My partner did get a few different quotations but it was important to us that Chris knew all his workers and we knew who would be coming and going. We didn't want different people coming in and out. In the end, it was straightforward enough.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Chris McNamara?
My partner had suggested it to me but I couldn't visualise it. So he talked to Chris and explained what we were looking. Chris threw a few ideas back at us and we then worked from there.

Did Chris introduce new ideas?
Chris brought a lot of ideas in. He's very good, particularly at drawing layouts and explaining things.

How did the project run?
It was a big job so there was a lot of upheaval but overall everything went well. I'm very happy with it and I was delighted with the work.

What's your favourite part now?
Chris did a fantastic job on the kitchen. There wasn't a lot of space but he made use of every bit of it.

Would you recommend Chris McNamara to others?
I've recommended them now to a few people and everybody was happy. And I have gotten them back myself to do a few smaller jobs. Chris is easy to deal with and they were a nice bunch to have in the house.They even gone on great with my dog!

Our Customers Say

Easy To Deal With

I was delighted with the work...I've recommended them now to a few people and everybody was happy.

Jean Kavanagh from North County Dublin talks to pickapro .. See full interview

Amazingly Reliable

Chris treats the house as if it's his own house. He really wants to do the best job he can in the most economical way.

Fiona Ahern from Bellewstown, Co. Meath talks to pickapro .. See full interview

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