Carpentry Services

Carpentry Services

It's not uncommon for a homeowner to call us at pickapro and ask what type of tradesperson would do this or that type of home improvement. Often times those hard to categorise projects fall under the job skills of carpenters. This week we talked to our resident carpenters at, to find what's in a days work for them.

Describe some of the most common jobs for carpenters?

Stair cases: You may not need a new staircase, but many people to choose to replace the banister that came with their stair case as standard. For example, a "solid" railway makes the hallway look darker and narrower, Changing to spindles can really open up the downstairs and upstairs of your house. Another reason for a change is safety - older houses often feature a staircase that would not pass current building regulations, with wide gaps between the rails which are a safety hazard, especially for toddlers.

Attic Access: a full attic conversion may be on the "some day" list but installing a permanent or pull down stairs to the attic plus some cheap flooring in the attic will open up a lot of storage space. You might not see how it can be done, but we've plenty of experience in fitting stairs into tight spaces - sometimes it just needs a little creativity.

Timber floors: If you've always wanted timber floors, now might be a good time to check it out. There are bargains out there! And yes a carpenter will fit them.

Fitted Kitchens: An important part of our business - and we can source from a big range of designer kitchens.

Not So Fitted Kitchens! Don't forget that not every kitchen has to be "fitted". A single tall cupboard can actually fit a lot more than several overhead cabinets. We also find that just adding some additional cabinets or replacing worktops can make a real difference to your kitchen.

Built in furniture such as bookcases and wardrobes: Custom furniture such as built in bookcases really add to the look of a house. An experienced carpenter will make sure that it suits your storage needs, so you get the most from it. Even some simple shelving, well designed and finished can make a big difference.

Attic conversions: yes, we do those to!

Hanging doors: There's great value in doors now, so if your doors look wrong, now is a good time to make a change. And if doors, either interior or exterior are sticking or hanging crooked, a carpenter will sort it out. We also make bespoke doors for non-standard openings.

Timber Trims: Skirting boards and other trims can get damaged over time. We will replace timber finishes such as skirting boards, door mouldings and picture rails.

Panelling Walls and Ceiling: Paneling adds texture to house. For example, it looks great on vaulted ceilings in extensions. Wall panels can also add an old fashioned feel to a new house.

Decking and fencing: Yes, we do this too!

Bespoke furniture: Some of our customers want something unique and custom made. Others just need a solution for an odd corner or a small space?

Office, shop and bar fitout: Again, this is all part of day's work for a carpenter.

Home office furniture: A properly fitted home office is a valuable addition to any house. It gives you space to get some real work done, and adds to the value of your home.

Fitted bathroom furniture: To stay tidy, bathrooms need storage. We can build under sink cabinets and other specialized storage to make the most of even a small bathroom.