Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass can be very useful. I would recommend it for areas where you would like to have a lawn but the lawn is not working out. Such areas could be heavily trafficked, overshadowed, north facing or wet with poor drainage. In all these areas real grass will struggle to grow. The area will become mossy. mucky and difficult to use. Kids and pets will bring dirt into the house and it typically can't even be walked on.

Artificial grass can transform these areas into usable spaces. They will then be suitable as play areas, reception areas or just to look at. Artificial grass costs from approx €60 a square metre to supply and fit. It is not just a simple matter of rolling out the grass - the area must be properly prepared beforehand. If you think that we can be of assistance call or mail us and we will arrange a consultation and work out a plan.

thumbnail photo of work

Sloping north facing garden with raised beds with granite patio and artificial grass.

thumbnail photo of work

Raised artificial grass and lower sandstone patio area.

thumbnail photo of work

Play area and patio on previously sloping and wet north facing site

thumbnail photo of work

Play school

thumbnail photo of work

Large open north facing site

thumbnail photo of work

Small overshadowed courtyard

thumbnail photo of work

Our Customers Say

Garden Is Lovely

Paul did everything I wanted and more. Anything I asked of him, he did.

Carol Ennis from Newcastle, Co Dublin talks to pickapro .. See full interview

A Fabulous Success

My favourite part of the garden is the smile on my wife's face when she sees it.

Ken Smith from Wicklow talks to pickapro .. See full interview

Delighted with the new garden, top job !

Delighted With Garden

Niamh Donnelly from Co. Dublin .. See full testimonial

Great Job

Thanks to Paul and his team for a great job done. Cheers

Diarmaid Cleary from Co. Dublin .. See full testimonial

Amazing Job

We use and enjoy the whole garden now.

Michelle Owens from Co. Dublin .. See full testimonial

Great job garden completely transformed.

Garden Transformed

Amy Reddy from Co. Dublin .. See full testimonial

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