Remarkable Speed, Enormously Efficient

Customer reference for Platinum Paving Dublin as told to pickapro by Larry Fenlon from Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 on 09-Nov-2016

When was the work done?
The driveway work was done in June. The garden, patio and wall work was done in September.

What was involved?
Platinum Paving did my driveway, my walls, my patio and my garden. In the front driveway, they lifted off the old stuff, put in hardcore pebbling, rolled it and did the front slabs around the house. I'd occasion to call him again in relation to my back garden. He rendered the wall and stabilised it in certain places. Our garden was a disaster quite frankly, there were tree stumps, there was no growth – it was like the Gobi desert and Anthony made it a lush Savannah. It was really some transformation. It made a huge difference to our home. And he did that in the space of three days.

Remarkable speed, enormously efficient and really throws good labour at it, and they get it done quickly as a consequence. Three days done and dusted. What I really like about Anthony and his crew is that they get the job done very quickly and he's a straight-talking man, if he says he's going to do something he's going to do it. I found him to be reliable, which is difficult in that line of business, reliability.

Then they did our patio – the old patio was old 70s concrete slabs, a disaster, horrible and depressing. Platinum Paving laid a new patio as part of all that, with nicer detail as well.

How did you choose Platinum Paving?
I found them on the internet. We got three quotes and we found Anthony to be the most reasonable. I liked the guy, he just dealt with everything very professionally. He's a good guy and reliability is a very hard thing to find.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Platinum Paving?
We didn't have a clue what we wanted – we just wanted him to tidy up the house, and the back part of the patio was a disaster.

Did Anthony introduce new ideas?
He did, yes. He said patio-wise, this is what I recommend, here's a menu and we went through it with him. We asked him what he thought, he said this is the best thing for that, this'll be a nicer finish, here's a couple of jobs I've done previously. Very professional in that sense.

How did the project run?
At the end of the day when you want tradespeople in your house you want them out as quickly as they're in. We've practically had to live with trades for three months while we were living in our house with three kids. It's the most distressing thing. Anthony was like an antidote to all that. He was just in and out, I couldn't believe it, the job was done. If you weren't there to see them, you'd think did he do the job right at all. For instance, he told me the first time the patio was laid he wasn't happy with it and everything had to be lifted and relaid. I mean the man stands over his work.

The other thing I noticed when he was doing the driveway was, all the materials and heavy machinery were delivered the day before, and he comes with a team of six or eight guys and starts work the following day. The people want the job done quickly, not poorly, quickly and well.

Would you recommend Platinum Paving to others?
I wouldn't hesitate. In fact I have done already. And I would go back to him again. Good people are hard to find no matter what business you're in. There's no downside to working with Anthony.

Our Customers Say

Remarkable Speed, Enormously Efficient

I liked the guy, he just dealt with everything very professionally. There's no downside to working with Anthony.

Larry Fenlon from Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 talks to pickapro .. See full interview

Absolutely Brilliant Quote

In terms of efficiency, professionalism, creativity, I would say that they have all of those attributes. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Carla Maclachlan from Knocklyon, Dublin 16 talks to pickapro .. See full interview

Excellent Work

Excellent. They really listen to you and what you want.

Noeleen Jennings from Bray, Co. Wicklow talks to pickapro .. See full interview

Very Approachable, Good to Deal With

The garden is much more manageable. I'm just very pleased with it all.

Joan from Greystones, Co. Wicklow talks to pickapro .. See full interview

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