Engineering Advice For Structural Steel

Customer reference for Hogan And Associates as told to pickapro by Yvonne O'Driscoll from Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin on 08-Nov-2012

What type of work was involved?
We bought a large, single story home and wanted to remodel it. The house had a spacious roof area and we had ambitions to convert the space and put it to use as as a gym, study area, walk in storage space and a recreation room for teenagers with a TV and bean bags. It's fabulous!

In addition to the attic, the kitchen space was increased by knocking 2 rooms together, the garage was converted into a reception room and we relocated a staircase. The windows and bathrooms throughout the house were also replaced.

How did you choose Hogan And Associates?
I wanted somebody with an engineering background because we were taking out walls and a lot of structural steel was needed on the project. I thought it was smarter to get the builder/engineer in one person.

Michael is an engineer and had an excellent reputation among my friends for doing full service conversions and the engineering along with it.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Michael Hogan?
I would say that we knew what we wanted but we needed Michael's input with regards to how the building would adapt to it.

Did Michael introduce new ideas?
It was very much a teamwork effort but Michael had the greater experience which we relied on. For example, we had notions of putting in a spiral staircase to the converted attic space but Michael changed our minds on that and wisely so. He recommended fire regulation compliant and therefore safer stairs.

How did the project run?
Sticking to the budget was a strong priority for us. The work was completed on time and there were no surprises money-wise. The tradesmen that Michael used were very good and we'll continue to use them going forward.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Hogan And Associates?
Michael is an honest guy and a real gentleman to deal with. In the time since this project was finished I've asked him several times to do more work for me and he is always most obliging.

What's your favourite part now?
Of all the work Michael did, my favourite is the kitchen, I love it.

Would you recommend Hogan And Associates to others?
I would and I have done so many times.

Any tips for other people?
I really believe in the value of gaining space by converting attics; this is the second house where we've done it. Put in the best possible insulation and a proper, safe staircase.

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Engineering Advice For Structural Steel

I wanted somebody with an engineering background because we were taking out walls and a lot of structural steel was needed...

Yvonne O'Driscoll from Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin talks to pickapro .. See full interview

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The architect recommended Michael to us...Michael arranged for all the contractors and oversaw the project.

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I could always reach Michael when I needed to ...Michael was also open to meeting up or working outside of hours if need be.

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