Kitchen Floor and Wall Tiles

Customer reference for Karl Ronan Tiling as told to pickapro by Sarah Louise King from Tallaght on 15-Nov-2008

When was the work done?
The work was done in August, 2008.

What was involved?
We were getting the kitchen-com dining room completely renovated. I needed the old tiles torn up, thrown out and new floor and wall tiles installed.

How did you choose Karl Ronan?
I found Karl on the Pickapro website. I had called around a few other places but what I liked about Karl was that there was just no hassle with him. He called over, measured up and gave me a price to do the work. Karl was willing to work according to my schedule. Some of the other tilers that I had spoken to wanted to pull up and put down tiles in the same day to suit them. That wouldn't work for me though because I was having a new kitchen installed and the tiling would be a two step project. Step one would be pulling up the tiles before the kitchen went in and step two would be installing the tiles when the kitchen was complete. With Karl it was no no problem. He was just so helpful and his rates were very competitive.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Karl Ronan?
In truth no, not initially. I wasn't sure if I would go with porcelain or ceramic tiles. My main concern at the time was getting the kitchen done as well as other building work that was being carried out. The tiling work wouldn't be done until the kitchen work was finished.

Did Karl introduce new ideas?
Karl was helpful and made suggestions but always left the decisions up to me. One very good suggestion was with regards to the grout to be used on the floor tiles. I had originally wanted to use ivory coloured grout to go with the large cream tiles but Karl recommended against it. Karl suggested that with the tiles fitting so close together, grey would work better in the long run because ivory grout gets dirty easily and is difficult to clean. I have to say that Karl was right. Friends of mine who have gone with cream tiles and ivory grout have had nothing but problems. As far as the wall tiles, I had purchased plain and mosaic tiles and I explained that I wanted them done diagonally with the mosaics dotted here and there. I left the design up to Karl and trusted his discretion. It worked out really well.

How did the project run?
I'm not just saying this, but of everyone we had out to the house working, Karl really worked out well and I couldn't fault him in any way. Karl came in before the old kitchen was ripped out, took up the floor tiles and came back after the kitchen was installed to put in the new floor and wall tiles. We have an island in the middle of the kitchen and I don't know how but he managed to move it on his own. I thought it would take three or four men. I wanted to tile underneath the island because I wanted to be able to move it if I had to.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Karl Ronan?
Karl's reliability. He was here when he said he would be, worked clean and I trusted Karl enough to leave him the keys to the house. Karl did what he said he would do and I'm really chuffed with the quality of the work.

What's your favourite part now?
My favourite part is the difference that a particular type of flooring can make to a room. The larger tiles that we used on the floor make the kitchen look larger than it is.

Would you recommend Karl Ronan to others?
Yes, absolutely and in fact I've already passed Karl's name on to people I know.

Any tips for other people?
Ask lots of questions and make sure that what your asking about is what you're going to get. Two way communication is very important. Make sure that the person doing the work understands your vision but that you're also listening to what they have to say. Everything needs to be clear.

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Kitchen Floor and Wall Tiles

Karl did what he said he would do and I'm really chuffed with the quality of the work.

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Trust and honesty is very important when you're bringing people into your workplace or home - and they're honourable.

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