Reupholstery, Blinds, Pilates Box

Customer reference for Portmarnock Furnishings Ltd as told to pickapro by Audrey Cagney from Sutton, Co Dublin on 15-Aug-2012

When was the work done?
They've done loads of work for me over the last year, the most recent job being a few months ago. The work has been brilliant which is why I keep going back.

What was involved?
They’ve upholstered a suite of furniture and dining room chairs for me, made cushions and put up roller blinds in my conservatory. I have four kids so I know about getting furniture redone. I’m a pilates instructor and we use the reformer machine. The boxes cost about 250 dollars shipped from America and I got Portmarnock furnishings to make 3 of them for me, they were brilliant . I just went in and asked them and they said "no problem". It’s quite intricate work too, there’s leather upholstery on it, but it was excellent quality and turned out lighter than the one I was using from America.

How did you choose Portmarnock Furnishings Ltd?
I heard about Portmarnock Furnishings from word of mouth. A lot of my friends have used them as well.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Anthony Byrne?
No I didn't.

Did Portmarnock Furnishings introduce new ideas?
Tony has a lot of ideas. They came out with different swatches and fabrics and went through them with me to recommended which ones would be best for my situation with the kids, wear and tear, that type of thing. I got brown so it covers everything.

How did the project run?
They are excellent, when they say something is going to be ready, it will be ready.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Portmarnock Furnishings Ltd?
It’s close by, the standard of quality is excellent and they’re really, really friendly as well. I know them all by name now. Even though the quality is very good, they’re not overly expensive. I also found them to be really honest when it came to making recommendations. I was looking at a material for the couch and Linda said, "no", it’s too expensive for what you need.

What's your favourite part now?
I love the dining room chairs because I got them to go with the cushions that are on my couch. It picks out the colours, the turquoise, brown and gold. I love them!

Would you recommend Portmarnock Furnishings Ltd to others?
Oh I would, they're excellent, they really are.

Our Customers Say

Reupholstery In Home And Business

We’ve been back to them several times over the last 6 or 7 years..there’s a personal touch to the service they provide.

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Communication and Professionalism

The professionalism and the communication mattered to me most of all. When they said they would deliver, they did deliver.

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Reupholstery, Blinds, Pilates Box

The work has been brilliant which is why I keep going back...A lot of my friends have used them as well.

Audrey Cagney from Sutton, Co Dublin talks to pickapro .. See full interview

Upholstery And Made To Measure Curtains

They were reliable, friendly, attentive and they delivered. I can't say anything wrong about them.

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