3 Step Marketing Plan for the New Year

Get your business off to a good start this year by taking a few minutes to review and update your marketing with our 3 step plan.

1. Review

Start by taking a fresh look at your website. Focus on the following two key areas.

Are your services crystal clear?

Does your website tell potential customer exactly what you do? Remove services you no longer wish to promote. Add any new services. Make sure you are emphasising the aspects of your business or service that you’d like to develop.

Are you projecting the right image?

Does your website show potential customers that you are a serious, professional company? Are spelling and grammar word perfect? Is your logo attractive? Is there a good mix of text and images? Are there any errors or “broken bits”? If you’d like a professional opinion, talk to pickapro.ie about our detailed website review and upgrade service.

2. Refresh

You did great work last year – make sure your potential customers get to see it. There are two key areas to update.

Are your photos up-to-date?

If you’ve been taking photos all year, now is the time to sort them and get them online. If you need to go back and take photos, set that in motion right away. Our stats show that potential customers look closely at the photos in your website. Make sure you’re showing your best and most recent work.

Are your references fresh?

Good customer references are invaluable to your business. Make a list of customers you worked with last year that can give your business a reference or testimonial. Call them and ask them to email you a reference. Alternatively, ask pickapro.ie about our testimonial service and we’ll call them on your behalf.

3. Take One Step Forward

Pick one area where you are going to try something new this year. Here’s some ideas to get started…

Know your numbers

Do you have a rough idea of the traffic to your website and where it’s coming from? If you haven’t already done so, sign up for a Google Analytics account and set it up on your website. Talk to your web developer or us if you need help with that.

Get mobile

Google rewarded mobile friendly websites in 2016 in SEO terms and it’s is going to put even more emphasis on mobile friendliness in 2017. Hardly surprising given that about 56% of all searches are now done on mobile devices. If you need help with that, talk to pickapro.ie about our mobile website service.

Start collecting emails

Start collecting a list of emails from all sales leads and customers. You may not have an immediate need for this list but it could be worth its weight in gold some day. For example, you may decide to launch a new service or business. Your email list will be an effective and free way to start getting the word out.

Safeguard your files

Never lose photos or files again. Keep everything online using a online file storage service.It also means that you or your team members can access your files from any PC or any device. Sign up for an online file storage account with a provider like dropbox.com, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive and use it as your hard disk. 1TB of storage costs about €8 to €10 per month.

About pickapro.ie

pickapro.ie are specialists in online marketing for Irish small businesses. We know exactly how to get your business in front of the right people and how to make them pick up the phone. If you would like more information on any of the topics above or would like to discuss what a website or a marketing campaign designed by us could do for your business, give us a call on 01 4966 176.

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