5 Marketing Actions for Builders, Landscapers, Tradespeople, Designers

5 easy, practical actions to simplify workflow and give your business a marketing edge.

1. Take Google’s Mobile Friendly Test

Find out in seconds if Google thinks your website is mobile friendly or not.

Why? Google rewarded mobile friendly websites in 2016 in SEO terms and it’s is going to put even more emphasis on mobile friendliness in 2017. Hardly surprising given that about 56% of all searches are now done on mobile devices.

How? It’s easy. Go to Google mobile friendly tester. Just enter your website address to find out if you “pass” the test.

You can get more information about how Google rates your website’s mobile friendliness if you set up an account with Google Search Console. Talk to your web developer or us if you need help with that. It will take about half an hour to setup.

2. Start Tracking Your Traffic

Find out how many people visit your website, how they get there, how long they stay and what they click.

Why? If you already spend money on advertising, then it looks like it’s going to get more expensive in 2017. The good news is that there is a lot you can do to get better value from your ad budget. And the first step is to start tracking what’s working and what’s not.

How? Sign up for a Google Analytics account and set it up on your website. Talk to your web developer or us if you need help with that. It will take about half an hour to setup.

3. Sign Up For Online File Storage

Never lose photos or files again. Keep everything online using a online file storage service.

Why? First of all, it means in the event of a computer breakdown, a lost phone or a stolen laptop, you won’t lose anything. It also means that you or your team members can access your files from any PC or any device. All you need is the password.

How? Sign up for an online file storage account with a provider like dropbox.com, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive and use it as your hard disk. 1 TB of storage will cost about €8 to €10 per month.

4. Set Up Email on your Phone

If you haven’t setup your business email on your phone, make sure you get that sorted before 2017.

Why? The trend for more email enquiries will continue in 2017 and a quick response time will get you off to a good start with potential customers.

How? It’s particularly easy to setup gmail or yahoo addresses as these are preconfigured on most phones. So, if you’re having difficulties with setup, consider signing up for a Google Suite email account. Effectively, you can keep your work email address but benefit from the simplicity of gmail setup. Note: It costs about €40 per year per email address and it does need to be setup on your hosting account. Talk to your web developer or us if you need help.

5. Take More Photos

Make a decision to take photos of your work every week.

Why? Photos and video will continue to be very popular content in 2017. Our own experience on pickapro.ie is that homeowners spend at least 50% of their time looking at project photos.

How? A mobile phone with a decent camera is fine provided lighting is reasonable. Consider investing in professional photos if you need a great banner photo for your website. Automatically save your photos online with your new file storage service (See Action 3!).

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