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pickapro has been particularly good for us. It's value for money; if it wasn't we wouldn't be doing it.


Joe Fallon, Chartered Architectural Technologist MCIAT, Business Owner

Company Profile

Joe Fallon Design provides a full range of architect services throughout the Leinster region, with a focus on designing extensions, one off houses and renovations.  They have been shortlisted in 2011 for CMG Architectural Practice of The Year and their work regularly features in home improvement and architect magazines.

Why did you join Pickapro?

Because I felt I had no internet presence at all at the time, and I had spent thousands on advertising in local newspapers and trade shows. The problem with the trade shows is that I got a whole heap of enquiries all at once and everybody wanted their job done straightaway, as opposed to pickapro which gives a constant flow of referral work through it.

The paper advertising doesn’t work for me really. We’ve done lots of one-page articles and interviews over the years but I’m not expecting to get any work out of it to be honest. If we’d been paying for that it’d cost a good few thousand.

I’d say it was a year before I decided to advertise on pickapro but when I did I embraced it. I looked at the people that were there before me and they were there for the last couple of years and they wouldn’t be paying it if they weren’t getting the return on it. So we did it and we haven’t looked back since then.

I literally went from being on my own in a boxroom doing drawings to now having my own premises employing five architects and four part-time guys. I would put that down to Dermot Bannon promoting the industry and moreover to ourselves with pickapro with the level of business we got.

Absolutely a web presence is so important for any business, especially anything that’s a visual thing, landscape designers, architects. Barbara has hit the nail on the head when she does the testimonials. She won’t take a referral unless it’s a genuine one, unless it’s for work actually done. That referral thing is really important for the regular residential customer – it’s a very strong reassurance for anyone who knows nothing about building, and I didn’t realise the strength of those testimonials really.

Do you think pickapro.ie is good value for money?

I do. It’s value for money; if it wasn’t we wouldn’t be doing it. I can’t say enough good things about pickapro.

What Percentage of your business comes from pickapro?

I don’t know – at a minimum I’d say it’s 40%. A lot of our enquiries also come off our website and we do SEO work as well. I would say our internet-based enquiries is about 80% but how much of that is from pickapro, I don’t know. They’re probably going to pickapro first of all and then coming on to our site, so the enquiry comes from our enquiry sheet, but it might have originated from pickapro.

What are the main benefits pickapro.ie brings to your business

That pickapro.ie is an Irish company first of all. Barbara is very accessible and that she puts her money where her mouth is – pickapro.ie is more often than not on the first page of Google if you google ‘architects Dublin’. I find her very fair, and we’re very big on trust and honesty, and I trust Barbara. pickapro has been particularly good for us. I totally see the benefit of internet advertising, it’s an absolute mainstay for us. I promote Barbara wherever I can – it’s a great company.

What type of business Does Business generate?

In terms of pickapro.ie, our focus is on the residential customer – extensions, renovations and once-off builds.

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pickapro has been particularly good for us. It's value for money; if it wasn't we wouldn't be doing it...Read full interview >>
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