Dublin Builder – 80% of my Work

Most of the work I get is through pickapro.ie - I'd say about 80%.


Christy McCabe, Business Owner

Company profile

Christy McCabe Carpentry And Building is based in Clondalkin, Dublin 22. It was established in 1990 to provide Dublin homeowners and businesses with a full service building solution. Christy is a fully qualified carpenter with more than 24 years of experience.

pickapro.ie start date

August 2012

Why did you join pickapro?

I was working with another builder at the time and he was getting a lot of work out of pickapro. He told me that it’d be a good thing for me to join and that’s how I got on to it.

Do you think pickapro is good value for money?

Yes, it has definitely worked out for me I have to say. Most of the work I get is through pickapro.ie – I’d say about 80%. That’s including jobs that came directly from pickapro.ie and of course jobs that came from other pickapro jobs. One job often leads to another job within the area or within the family circle.

What other benefits does pickapro bring to your business

The references are very useful. If someone is looking for a reference, I tell them to take a look at the pickapro references first.

What type of work does pickapro generate?

The type of work I do is renovations and small extensions.  So, that’s what it brings in for me – a lot of renovation work and extensions.

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Christy McCabe Carpentry And Building

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Most of the work I get is through pickapro.ie - I'd say about 80%. ..Read full interview >>
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