Dublin Landscaper – 60% of my Business

I would say 60% of my business comes from Pickapro and the rest by word of mouth.


Ross Farrell, Business Owner

Company Profile

Greenstone Landscapes based in Dundrum, Co. Dublin was established in 2000 by Ross Farrell. Greenstones design and build contemporary and traditional gardens, landscapes and roof terraces. We provide a full landscaping service from initial consultancy, through design and construction and right through to the completed project.

pickapro.ie start date

October 2006

Why did you join pickapro?

At that time, pickapro.ie were just starting up and were offering a free trial period to demonstrate that it would work. So, of course, I tried it, and the rest is history.

I hadn’t previously done any real advertising. I had done a few brochure type postcards but they were useless and didn’t bring in the right kind of clients. I wanted to start advertising on the internet because you can put on a full display of what you do.

Do you think pickapro is good value for money?

I do and I’ve had a very good response from it. I would say 60% of my business comes from Pickapro and the rest from word of mouth.

What are the main benefits pickapro.ie brings to your business

The pictures and the testimonials are a major benefit. The pictures on the site along with descriptions of the job, tell a story. The pictures also help some clients to better understand some of the things I’m talking about.

What type of business does pickapro generate?

It’s a variation, everything from small jobs which is fine to full revamps. I have got some very good jobs because of the site.

What feedback do you get from your customers about pickapro? The feedback that I get from customers is that it’s a very useable site and gives them the information they’re looking for.

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