Natural Planting and Year Round Colour

Customer reference for Brian O Hara Design as told to pickapro by Maria González from Churchtown 14 on 19-Aug-2013

When was the work done?
June 2013.

What was involved?
it was landscaping and design really. It's a medium sized garden but the only thing in our garden was a deck from the previous owners. We wanted to do planting, some shaping and add some beds.

Brian redesigned the garden and project managed all the work. He created areas within the garden for us to use in different ways. The decking steps were too narrow and he extended them and made them wider. He also added bigger raised beds as well as a little path and a gravel area at the back. He also did some planting in the front garden.

How did you choose Brian O Hara Design?
I found Brian on the internet, and I liked what he had done. I talked to another landscaper too, but I really liked Brian and the way we communicated. I felt he listened to what we wanted. Brian's a very down to earth type of person and he was very easy to talk to.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Brian O' Hara?
Not really. We didn't want a very contemporary garden. We wanted natural planting and colour all year round. We wanted fruit in the Summer and a little vegetable patch. We also wanted to be able to enjoy the garden from inside the house too. Brian managed to include everything.

Did Brian introduce new ideas?
Yes, for example, he wanted to introduce the path. we weren't very sure about it, but he was right, it actually works very well.

How did the project run?
Oh, very easy. We're very happy with the team that came. Everyone was great, very hard working and they came on time every day. Brian was there regularly to check on how it was going. We were lucky with the weather and it all was finished on schedule.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Brian O Hara Design?
I felt very comfortable. I don't know anything about plants, but Brian was very easy to talk to. It was very easy to communicate ideas with Brian, our ideas and his ideas.

What's your favourite part now?
I like many different parts. One part that I'm surprised how much I like is the very hidden part. We're just very pleased with the whole garden.

Would you recommend Brian O Hara Design to others?
Definitely, yes.

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Natural Planting and Year Round Colour

Brian's a very down to earth type of person and he was very easy to talk to.

Maria González from Churchtown 14 talks to pickapro .. See full interview

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