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Make Your Garden Feature


It's been a wonderful, warm Summer so far - and long may it last. I've really enjoyed sitting in the garden and even adding a few bedding plants here and there to brighten it up. I have to admit that it does still look a little safe - you know, grass in the middle, shrubs and flowers around the edge. See full article >>

Paving For Driveways, Paths, Patios and Carparks


As every estate agent will tell you, your front driveway sets the tone to your house. It might also dictate whether you can park comfortably outside your house - or whether you squeeze out the door and then step right into a nice puddle or mucky bit of grass! If you've been thinking about tackling it, See full article >>

Furniture Makeover With The Upholstery Experts


Lumpy couches, wobbly chairs, scratched leather and dated colour schemes - it's all in a day's work for the team at Portmarnock Furnishings Ltd. We've presented our experts with 6 furniture issues to tackle. Read how your furniture can get a whole new wow factor, often for a fraction of the cost of replacing See full article >>

Extensions...Advice and Ideas From A Structural Engineer


A successful extension can greatly improve a property in many ways. However there are risks to be addressed in the process. Structural engineer, Michael Hogan of Hogan & Associates has over 25 years experience in home and commercial building projects. We ask him to give us some advice and also some ideas. See full article >>

Choosing The Right Contractor


Choosing the right contractor is the most important factor in determining the success or failure of your home or garden improvement project. At Pickapro.ie we've interviewed hundreds of Dubliners about their experience in choosing a home improvement professional. Here are some of the tips that we've See full article >>

Building An Extension In Ireland


They say space is the final frontier. Well, it is for many Irish homeowners anyway. For many of us, the solution lies in extending what we have. So, we've asked experienced Dublin builders from pickapro.ie to give us the scoop on planning and building a house extension. See full article >>

10 Great Interior Design Tips


Decorating a room or home can be an expensive business! Small wonder that so many of us play it safe with neutral colours. Perfectly fine, but maybe not exactly what we wanted. So, we've summoned the help of an experienced Dublin interior designer to give us a little courage for the trip. See full article >>

Timber Flooring Essentials


A wooden floor must be one of the best home improvements any home owner can make. Yes, it adds immensely to the value of the house, but that's not the biggest benefit. They just look and feel so good. A timber floor is always stylish, and with a couple of rugs over it, is also incredibly cosy. Because See full article >>

Building A Sunroom Or Conservatory


We don't get too many sunny days in Ireland, so it goes without saying that you don't want to miss the sun when it does shine. We have asked our experts for some advice on adding a sunroom or conservatory to your house. See full article >>

Attic Conversions


If you'd like some additional space, attic conversions are a great option. The beauty of attic conversions is that you are converting "dead space" without any impact on your garden or the rest of your house and at a lower cost than an extension. See full article >>

Preparing Your Garden For Winter


Some people believe that when the weather starts getting colder and the fallen leafs have been raked up, it's time to put away the gardening tools and wait until next spring to work on their garden again. Wrong! Winter may seem like the end of the road for awhile, but there are a few things left to See full article >>

Dog Friendly Garden Ideas for Dogs That Dig


Geraldine contacted us with her problem - her dog and her garden are at odds. She tried to go for a low maintenance garden, but the dog keeps pulling up the black weed cover. She would also like to do something about an old concrete dog run on the side of the garden which is looking "a little worse See full article >>

Tree Surgeon's Advice


Is planning permission needed to remove an oak? Is a tree too big for my garden? What can I do with a fast growing beech? Is it time to give up on my frost damaged hedges? We ask a professional tree care specialist for advice on a range of tree care issues. See full article >>

The Things Which Are Surprisingly Bad For Your House and Garden


I wanted to find out what gets our home and garden professionals shaking their heads. I put it to them and got back a fantastically diverse set of answers. From structural engineers, to interior designers to landscapers, a lot of them had their say. I have to say, I'm guilty of at least one of these See full article >>

Sell Your House For More


Decorating your house to sell is a completely different proposition from interior design for living. We've asked the professionals to tell us how to turn your property into a "must have" for buyers without breaking the bank. See full article >>

Great Gardens For Children and Adults


Do houses actually shrink over the Winter or does it just feel that way? There is of course a fantastic relief valve, more commonly known as the garden but it's often neglected at this time of the year. Like adults, children aren't enticed by a muddy strip of lawn and some drippy brown trees. So See full article >>

Decks For Irish Gardens


There's something intrinsically enjoyable about sitting on a wooden deck. It's back to nature - like a tree house for adults!www.pickapro.ie, the website of home and garden professionals have asked the professionals for advice on building the perfect deck. See full article >>

Ground Cover Basics


When it comes to gardens, an important element of the foundation, is what's literally underneath your feet - ground cover including soil, grass, bark, chippings and stone. We've asked landscaping supplies specialists to give us practical advice on buying these very important basics. See full article >>

Plumbers Tips For Energy Efficiency


There's a lot of us living with the joys and challenges of old fashioned plumbing. It's probably functional but it certainly isn't efficient. With fuel and oil costing plenty and new grants now available from Sustainable Energy Ireland to upgrade the efficiency of your home, it's worth looking at what See full article >>

Roof Maintenance


One of the most common, costly and often times ignored household maintenance projects is the roof over your head. Unless you've had water dripping on your head, it's easy to put it on the back burner until it comes up and really take a bite out of you and your bank balance. Read our quick guide to See full article >>

Condensing Boilers Cut The Cost!


Replacing a 15 year boiler with a new high efficiency condensing boiler could represent a fuel saving of more than 25%. So if you annual oil fills typically cost €1,000, you're looking at a saving of €250 per year. Remember that there's SEI grants too. Interesting? Find out more from our boiler See full article >>

Garden Design Ideas


With the garden being the top priority for 2007 according to our survey, we talked to landscaper Dermot Strong about tips for homeowners planning to improve their garden this year. See full article >>

Soundproofing Your Home


With more and more Irish people living in high density apartments and houses, many of us are be feeling the pain of thin party walls.The long term solution may be higher standards in building but that won't help us now. Find out more sound proofing and how it can drastically improve your quality See full article >>

Sustainable Designs Reduces Running Costs


How can you use sustainable design in your home to reduce energy costs Architect, Simon Hoe RIBA explains how. See full article >>

Awake To Bird Song In Your Garden


Most of us don't know our blue tits from our chaffinches, but we still stop to watch the antics of our local friendly wildlife. They add colour and endless fascination to our gardens.pickapro.ie finds out how to entice birds into our gardens. See full article >>

Carpentry Services


It's not uncommon for a homeowner to call us at pickapro and ask what type of tradesperson would do this or that type of home improvement. Often times those hard to categorise projects fall under the job skills of carpenters. This week we talked to our resident carpenters at pickapro.ie, to find See full article >>

How To Choose An Architect


Dublin architect Simon Hoe talk about working with an architect. How to choose an architect? How much will it cost and when are the fees paid? What information should the client bring to the design process? What happens next? See full article >>

Choosing An Interior Designer


How to choose an interior designer?What are the benefits? How much will it cost? And much more.. See full article >>

How To Choose A Landscaper


Dublin landscapers give us the benefit of their landscaping experience. How to choose a landscaper? Is there a best time of year to hire a landscaping company in Dublin? What's popular in Dublin gardens now? And there's the all important top landscaping tips. See full article >>

How To Choose A Garden Designer


We've asked garden designer, Sean Keighran from Creative Garden Design to talk to us about garden design. First of all, why is a design useful? Next - how to choose a garden designer. What are the right questions to ask a prospective designer? How much do garden designs cost? What questions will the See full article >>

Garden Maintenance Tips


We've asked pickapro gardeners to talk to us about garden maintenance. First of all - how to choose a gardener. What are the right questions to ask? Next, how often should a gardener visit? Have they any tips to make garden maintenance easier. And how should we plan the garden in the first place to make See full article >>

Low Energy Extension Design


Architect Simon Hoe outlines the stages through which a low energy, sustainable house extension is designed from the initial meeting to planning application. See full article >>

Garden Lighting Ideas


We've asked garden designer, Sean Keighran from Creative Garden Design to talk to us about garden lighting. Sean told his top garden lighting design tips? He also told us how to cut running costs. See full article >>

Windows - How To Choose


It's hard to think of any other single aspect of your house that has to work harder than your windows. Windows provide security, insulation, light, ventilation, shield you from wind and rain, and allow you to enter and exit in an emergency Practicalities aside, they give your house character and make See full article >>

Perk Up Your Garden For Spring


It's official - Spring is here. How do I know? I've just driven past my local DIY store and seen racks of tempting boxes packed with bright little Spring flowers. Those little yellow and pink primroses and pansies - don't they just say (or squeak!) Spring. If you want to start enjoying your garden See full article >>

Building Garden Walls


We've asked Dublin landscaper Ross Farrell to give some tips about building or improving a garden wall. First of all - budget. We ask what a homeowner can expect for their money. Next - choosing a garden wall contractor. What are the most important questions to ask him or her? When should payment be See full article >>

Made To Measure Curtains


Few home decorating decisions can cause as much soul searching as curtains and blinds! It's a long term investment which can make or break your room. We ask the experts for advice on choosing the right curtains and blinds. See full article >>

An Architect’s Guide to Extending, Renovating or Building


A quick guide to building, extending or renovating your house. This guide starts with choosing your architect and continues with a quick walk-through of the project stages as well as the role of the various professionals involved. See full article >>

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