Garden Design Ideas

Garden Design Ideas

With the garden being the top priority for 2007 according to our survey, we talked to landscaper Dermot Strong about tips for homeowners planning to improve their garden this year.

As part of our garden design competition, asked you to tell us what your top home and garden priorities would be for 2006. Well, the wait is over and the results are in.

A whopping 79% of you said improving the garden was their main focus, while:

  • 6% wanted to extend or convert the house
  • 5% were going to restyle the bathroom
  • 5% redecorate the house
  • And 5% had plans to restyle the kitchen

With garden improvements coming out the clear winner, caught up with landscaper, Dermot Strong of Strong Garden Design to find out what his customers are focusing on going into 2007.

Dermot, what types of garden projects are popular now?
Decks and patios are still, as always, very popular. People like the idea of being able to entertain and relax outside on nice days. One trend I've definitely noticed is that a lot of homeowners are now going for a more contemporary, modern look - designs with very clean, straight lines. It's not just shrubs and flowers anymore, it's also about lighting and water and stone features using different materials such as chrome, stainless steel, copper, cedar and limestone. More people want a garden that really stands out and makes a statement.

I realize that every project and client is different, but what would you say that every garden should have done or would be most beneficial to it?
Some type of sculpture or a water and stone fixture is nice. It adds something to break up the pattern and draw the eye to it. The crucial thing is that the garden needs to reflect the personality of the owner.

Do your clients have definite ideas about what they want or do they ask you for options?
A little of both. I try to get as much information from the client as I can. I need to know not only what they like but what they dislike. It's very important for the homeowner to have an idea as to what they want to get out of the garden. I do however provide options and let them know what is available and possible.

And finally, Dermot, does the fact that it's now winter mean that landscaping projects and garden work are on hold until Springtime?
Not at all. Landscaping and garden work can be done all year round. For instance, I'm just as busy now with garden projects as I am during the summer. In fact I think winter is the perfect time to have the garden worked on because when Spring comes around your garden is completed and ready to be enjoyed.

Thanks Dermot for giving us the inside story! would like to thank Strong Garden Design And Landscaping, for their helpful advice and tips for this article.

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