Garden Maintenance Tips

Garden Maintenance Tips

We've asked pickapro gardeners to talk to us about garden maintenance. First of all - how to choose a gardener. What are the right questions to ask? Next, how often should a gardener visit? Have they any tips to make garden maintenance easier. And how should we plan the garden in the first place to make maintenance easier in the long run.

How To Choose A Gardener?

What questions should customers ask before hiring a gardener?

"Make sure that the person knows their plants. For example, do they know the names of the plants in your garden? Do they know when they should be cut back or pruned?"

"Do you have a good recommendation for them and can you see photos of their work. A lot comes down to trust and reliability. Often, I'm working in the garden when my customers are at work - they have to trust me to do my job."

How Often Is Maintenance Really Needed?

How often should a gardener visit?

"At least every one to two weeks from March to November to cut grass. And once a month during the Winter to cut grass, prune or plant bulbs. Manure should be dug into the lawn once or twice a year - in Spring or Autumn.

"Initially, if garden is overrun, it'll take about a day to bring it back. After that, I will visit about once a month for a few hours, depending on the size of garden and the customer budget. For example, some customers want lots of colour all year round. So I do a mass planting of bedding plants in Summer. Then in Autumn, I take those up and put in Winter planting and Spring bulbs.

Any Tips To Make Garden Maintenance Easier?

Any tips to make gardening maintenance easier?

"If you're cutting a small hedge, put a sheet under it. It makes it easier to collect up the debris afterwards."

"Never let it get out of hand. Alway stay on top of things."

"Hedges should be cut back in January before the birds start nesting. Otherwise, wait until May."

"I know lots of gardeners won't agree with me on this but I don't like climbing plants likes ivies and clematis. They can be hard to look after and look untidy if they're not looked after."

"Handblowers are useful for gathering fallen leaves."

Tips For Planning A Garden For Maintenance

Any tips when planning a garden to make maintenance easier in the long run?

"Don't overplant - less is better. If you put 20 plants into a small area, you'll end up with a mess in 5 years time."

"Don't act on impulse in the garden centre! A small tree might grow to over 75 feet."

"Listen to the advice you're given! I've had a few arguments where I've refused to put a particular plant in for a customer. I think they appreciate it!"

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