Preparing Your Garden For Winter

Preparing Your Garden For Winter

Some people believe that when the weather starts getting colder and the fallen leafs have been raked up, it's time to put away the gardening tools and wait until next spring to work on their garden again. Wrong! Winter may seem like the end of the road for awhile, but there are a few things left to do to protect your garden during the harsh months ahead and prepare it for the following spring. So before you go inside and shut the door on your garden for the season,make sure you or an experienced landscaping company puts your garden to bed. A little preparation can make a huge difference to your garden in the spring.

Store Garden Furniture
If you're ready to move indoors for good, then it's a good idea to store your garden furniture to protect it from the harsh winter weather. Give it a good clean and put it in the shed or under covers. Wooden furniture will also appreciate a coat of preservative or oil.

Clear Fallen Leaves Of The Lawn
Just start raking. It'll be easier on a dry day - the leaves will be lighter and easier to handle too. Depending on the state of your lawn, you may want to follow up with an application of lawn fertilizer.

Cover Pools and Fountains
Cover pools and fountains with a fine net to prevent leaves blowing in.

Clear Slug Sanctuaries
Remove old leaves and weeds from the herbaceous border as it's where the slugs and snails hide. Rotten leaves and weeds may also carry insects and diseases that can be harmful to your garden. If the area is small surface the bed with coarse grit. It will deter slugs and open up the surface allowing water to drain away.

Tidy The Beds
Dig up annuals (plants that are good for one year only) and throw them on the compost heap. Cut back perennials. If you're not sure how much to cut them back, check online, in a reference book or on the instructions that came with your perennials. Putting mulch over your garden is a helpful way to protect perennials and shrubs with tender roots from temperature changes. Again, ask your garden centre or landscaper for the right type. If mulching, be careful not to do it too early as some insects may still be alive and burrow inside to keep themselves warm during the winter.

If you have young trees consider wrapping them up to survive the cold and staking them down to protect them from the wind.

Finally Take Stock
Evaluate your garden. This is a good time to decide which plants will remain in your garden next year and which need to go. A practical way to determine this is to judge which plants did well and which struggled. It's also a good time to decide which new plants you want to grow for next year and when you should put them in.

It can be hard to put in the work for something you won't see for awhile, but if you put the time in now, you'll be happy you did next April. And yes, the days are getting shorter, the sky is getting darker and jackets and caps are back in fashion but look at the bright side, Winter only lasts 6 months!

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