Furniture Makeover With The Upholstery Experts

Furniture Makeover With The Upholstery Experts

Lumpy couches, wobbly chairs, scratched leather and dated colour schemes - it's all in a day's work for the team at Portmarnock Furnishings Ltd. We've presented our experts with 6 furniture issues to tackle. Read how your furniture can get a whole new wow factor, often for a fraction of the cost of replacing with new.

About Our Experts - Portmarnock Furnishings Ltd

Portmarnock Furnishings Ltd, directed by Anthony Byrne have been serving Portmarnock and the north Dublin region with a full upholstery, furniture and interior service for over 22 years. We offer a free consultation and measurement service at your home or call into our showroom, see our range of fabrics, discuss your ideas and how we can help.

Leather couch looks very scratched

Over time, leather can become very scratched and many people don't realise it can be reupholstered, either in fabric or in leather. One common worry is that reupholstering a sofa could take several weeks. In fact, from the day we collect it, the typical turn around time is 5 to 7 working days.

Sofa or chair look like it has collapsed

This is a common problem and be easily resolved. Either the springs are gone, or the filling (foam or feather and down) has come to the end of its life span. We simply replace the inserts into the seats and back cushions. This can be done from underneath so no reupholstery is required.

Chair or sofa is just not comfortable

Again, this is a common problem. It's often the case in a feather and down chair or sofa which has become compacted. Cheap foam inserts can also be the culprit. Again, the solution is very simple - we replace the existing stuffing with a good quality foam.

We'd love to change colour scheme but our old furniture limits our options

We all love to change things up every now and then, but we may not want to replace a perfectly good sofa. There's several ways to tackle this, without buying a new set of furniture. For example, many of our customers have the traditional suite i.e. sofa and 2 large chairs. However, they've found that the chairs take up a lot of space and don't get used that often. A great solution is to reupholster the sofa to give it a fresh look that works with new colour scheme. Then, they choose a new occasional chair in a complementary fabric. For example, a classic Queen Anne chair is very comfortable, looks elegant and takes up far less space than the chairs that come with a suite.

Kitchen or dining room chairs feel wobbly and cushions look worn

The joints of dining room chairs do get loose over time. Again most people don't realise that we can reglue and clamp the joints, making the chairs solid again. This is a very low cost service, costing approximately €20 per chair. We can also reupholster the seat cushion, giving the chair a completely new look.

Help! My dog chews furniture

Again, lots of options here. Dogs are typically less inclined to chew leather, so we often reupholster the backs and arms of chairs in leather and reupholster seats in a fabric for additional colour and comfort. Whether it's dogs or just general wear and tear, we see furniture in all states of repair. Our upholstery expert will be able to explain the options clearly, so you can make the best decision. would like to thank Portmarnock Furnishings Ltd, for their helpful advice and tips for this article.

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