Sell Your House For More

Sell Your House For More

Decorating your house to sell is a completely different proposition from interior design for living. We've asked the professionals to tell us how to turn your property into a "must have" for buyers without breaking the bank.

Karen Tennant


Are sellers now doing extra to make their house stand out?

Yes, these days, most buyers are looking for a home that's ready to move into. A house that is well presented and feels cared for will appeal far more to a buyer.

How much will it cost?

On average about 1% of the asking price but if the house has been not modernised in years it might benefit from a complete overhaul. If you can declutter or even manage a bit of DIY painting, tiling or shelving then the cost will be in man hours rather than euros.

What are the first easy fixes?

Potential buyers will do the "drive by" before arranging a viewing so always present a well kept exterior. Tidy the garden, paint the front door, replace door mats or worn house numbers and put away any toys or tools laying around. Hanging baskets or flower pots will add a welcome splash of colour too. Inside, completely clean, minimize and declutter. If space is tight, you can hire a self-storage unit and stash the clutter out of sight! Do pack away most of your personal effects but don't make it look too clinical. Fresh flowers look and smell welcoming.

What are the most effective decor changes?

If your house needs more than cleaning and decluttering, try these decorating tips from our experts.

Paint gives the best bang for your buck! Choose neutral colours or opt for a soft clean bright paint palate with a bit of colour like pastel blues and shades of lilac.

Hang plain no-print curtains on nice brushed chrome poles with matching cushions for the sofa.

Mirrors are great for reflecting light and brightening up a room whilst adding character and detail.

If you get sun in your garden, emphasise it with patio furniture, plants or a BBQ. You can even create the feeling of another "room".

Should I buy new furniture?

An empty or underfurnished house is cold and uninviting. Consider furniture hire which costs less than buying it all and looks fresh and co-ordinated through-out the home.

Is it worth getting a professional stager or interior designer to help?

If you can't see the wood for the trees then definitely get someone in at least to consult for an hour or so. If any further work evolves from that, then at that stage make a decision regarding further investment.

Ready, set and go!

Well, there is no sense denying that selling a house now is harder than it was at this time last year. That's the bad news out of the way. The good news is that there are still plenty of buyers out there looking for the right home and with the right approach, your house can still have the advantage. would like to thank Interiors, for their helpful advice and tips for this article.

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