Great Gardens For Children and Adults

Great Gardens For Children and Adults

Do houses actually shrink over the Winter or does it just feel that way? There is of course a fantastic relief valve, more commonly known as the garden but it's often neglected at this time of the year. Like adults, children aren't enticed by a muddy strip of lawn and some drippy brown trees. So we've asked experienced Dublin landscapers from to give us some inspiration for a garden that will appeal to both children and adults year round.

For The Children!

1. All Weather Surface Play Area

An all-weather play area is a real boon on wet Winter days and there's plenty of options to choose from. Mulch or chippings are an easy if dull option. A slightly brighter option is imitation grass. And increasingly popular are rubber mats which have the advantage of coming in a range of colours. These are all easy to look after. Just make sure that there is good drainage underneath.

2. Tricycle Paths

Even a small garden can rise to a fairly respectable tricycle path, provided it wends around the available space cleverly.

3. A Wendy House or Tree House

Every kid loves their own domain! These can be bought in kits and self-assembled.

4. The "Football Pitch"

Even a fairly small lawn can work. All you need is a set of goals and a hardwearing grass like Number 3 or a sports field grade.

5. Children's Garden

Older children will love growing their own simple vegetables and flowers. Younger children will be equally happy growing some plastic flowers or just taking on a little excavation project! Using raised beds can make these childrens' gardens more accessible and maybe a little less mucky.

For The Adults!

1. Garden Lighting

Lighting really warms up a garden. Add some structured plants to the garden and use lights to highlight their Winter beauty. At night time use lighting to create moods.

2. Outdoor Storage For Toys

Just because a garden works for children, doesn't mean it can't be an adult garden too. Include outdoor storage for keeping toys out of sight when you want the garden to look it's best.

And For All The Family!

1. Bird Tables

Children enjoy restocking the bird table with seeds and nuts, as well as topping up the bird bath. Plants with berries will also entice birds into your garden (just steer clear of poisonous varieties). Both adults and kids will enjoy watching the show.

2. Winter Pots

Winter pots brighten up every garden. Make or buy some Winter pots now with plants like heathers, primroses, pansies and cyclamens. They'll take you right through to late Spring. Using raised beds can make these childrens' gardens more accessible and maybe a little less mucky.

3. Embrace Colour

Don't be afraid to “colourise your garden”. For example, using vibrant colours on feature walls will really lift the mood.

4. Picnic Table and Chairs

It's hard to believe it in December, but we will be getting the occasional sunny day over the next couple of months. Wrap up, bring some warm drinks and biscuits, and have a picnic in your very own Winter garden!

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