Finishing Touches

Customer reference for Interiors as told to pickapro by Liz from Blackrock, Dublin on 01-Jul-2009

When was the work done?
The work was done between April and June, 2009.

What was involved?
I had already done quite a lot of the decorating in the house but what really needed to be done was that the rooms needed the final dressing and finishing touches put on. Things like mirrors, cushions, pictures and a few pieces of furniture.

How did you choose Interiors?
Karen was recommended to me by a friend of mine and I also had a look at her website. I just felt that with the type of work I needed doing, that Karen would be ideal. She asked what I was looking for and trying to achieve. After discussing the project with Karen, I just felt that her approach and mine were the same. I knew that we could work well together since we were of the same mindset.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Karen Tennant?
I did, yes. I had already had a certain amount of work done a couple of years ago but then ran out of time and ideas, so I took a break. I had become a bit jaded and it was nice to get a fresh perspective and a second opinion.

Did Karen introduce new ideas?
She did, but before I met with her she suggested I walk around the whole house and jot down my thoughts and comments about each room. We discussed these and she came up with other ideas I hadn't thought of at all. Karen brought with her new thought and ideas which was a huge help for me. For instance, my sitting room was nice but lacked real balance. Karen added a piece of furniture to finish it off that I hadn't considered. I also wasn't happy with the front hallway. It's a relatively small space and I didn't know what to do with it. I wanted it to be a very nice, welcoming space when people entered. Karen helped me with several considerations.

How did the project run?
There have been no issues at all. Everything that has been done I've been extremely pleased with. Karen and anyone she has brought in to do work has been very good. They're reliable, do a good job and there's never a mess at the end of the day which is important because we were living there at the time.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Interiors?
Karens professionalism is excellent. she worked with me, listened to what I had to say and at no time was she forceful. I don't feel Karen has pushed any decisions or designs ideas on me. She was able however to propose things that I wouldn't have thought of myself. It was a nice mix of new ideas and getting me to think about things without pushing me down a path I wasn't comfortable with. The project was very stress free.

What's your favourite part now?
I can't say that there is any one thing, I'm just pleased with it all.

Would you recommend Interiors to others?
I certainly would, absolutely. She's a pleasure to work with and the service Karen offers is exactly what a lot of people are looking for. They need some assistance and help but not necessarily a start to finish interior design project. A lot of people are afraid to go near a designer because they feel it's going to cost an arm and a leg. It doesn't and you get great value for money. Karen makes everything so convenient and easy because she comes to you. It's a fabulous service.

Any tips for other people?
If you're considering redecorating, the sooner you get someone in, the better. Don't go off and buy a bunch of stuff you may not be sure about and force the designer to work around it. Plan the room as a whole and look at the entire space. Take breaks from the project as needed so that you are fresh when making decisions. There's also a cost aspect taking a break as well. You spend a bit getting work done but then you can build up your reserves again.

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Finishing Touches

Karen makes everything so convenient and easy because she comes to you. It's a fabulous service.

Liz from Blackrock, Dublin talks to pickapro .. See full interview

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The curtains are beautifully made. But you're not paying the astronomical prices some of the stores are charging.

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