We Get Nothing But Compliments!

Customer reference for Outwards and Upwards Building Solutions as told to pickapro by Stuart Hobbs from Swords, Co. Dublin on 03-Nov-2017

When was the work done?
It was done between August and October 2016.

What was involved?
Our house was built in the 1970s and the kitchen was small and not suitable for a family with two small kids. Outwards and Upwards added a 16-20 foot extension to our kitchen to create a new living area.

How did you choose Outwards and Upwards Building Solutions?
A friend at work recommended them so I had a look at some of their previous work on their website and then asked them to come out and give a quote.I did get a number of other quotes as well of course. Their price was middle of the road but I liked their approach. They were attentive, they listened to what we wanted and they were realistic about what we could and couldn't do.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Kieran Ryan?
We had looked at options and we had an image in our mind. Kieran and Damian came out and explained what we could do and how it would work. In the end, we went for a 3 sided extension to our kitchen with two sides being completely glass.

Did Kieran introduce new ideas?
Yes, they definitely did. We didn't have plans as such so they were completely helpful in that regard. Kieran took what we wanted and came back with plans and a price as well. They were helpful with the details - for example, we were debating a step down between the kitchen and the new room and they were very helpful with working through that idea.

How did the project run?
The schedule was bang on - they even finished a week or so ahead of schedule. They started every day at 8 o'clock and they finished at 5 - there was no hanging back in the evening, disturbing our lives. We had a new baby in the house and they made practical adjustments to keep intrusion to a minimum for us. The workmanship was great too - we get nothing but compliments about the work and the finish.

Kieran is on site all the time and he's very keen to make sure that everything is perfect and that you're happy with everything. It’s his business and he knows the importance of word of mouth and a good reputation. Different people did the kitchen and flooring but when we had some issues, Kieran came back and made sure it was done the way we wanted. They even fixed a pre-existing problem with the drainage pipe outside at no extra cost even though it was nothing to do with them. Kieran is very good about aftercare.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Outwards and Upwards?
The reliability and the quality and the affordability were the real benefits for us.

What's your favourite part now?
The whole room has transformed our lives. We have two small kids and the kitchen was very small and pokey beforehand. Now we have a space where everyone can congregate. It’s probably the most used room in the house now.

Would you recommend Outwards and Upwards to others?
Absolutely, 100%. We found them fantastic and we would gladly recommend them to anybody. We have done already.

Any tips for other people?
We had always planned to get the kitchen extended. Over the years we had looked at loads of pictures and done a lot of research so when we talked to Outwards and Upwards we already had a good idea of what we wanted. In terms of picking your contractor we had met three or four people, and the reason we went with Outwards and Upwards is that they listened to us. They didn't necessarily agree with everything we said but they definitely listened to us. And where they didn't agree, they didn't just say no - they always came back with reasonable alternatives for us.

Our Customers Say

Quote Was Very Fair

They were very competitive on price and their work is amazing.

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Gave Us Great Advice

No question was a stupid question with Kieran. He ‘s a good guy to deal with - very personable and responsive.

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We Get Nothing But Compliments!

Kieran is on site all the time and he's very keen to make sure that everything is perfect.

Stuart Hobbs from Swords, Co. Dublin talks to pickapro .. See full interview

Nothing But Praise For Them

They came highly recommend by two different neighbours.. and also showed as an extension they had done in another house.

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No Messing, They're Straight Up

Kieran is easy to deal with - he isn't too rigid and he doesn't go hitting you for more money for little things.

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