Building Garden Walls

Building Garden Walls

We've asked Dublin landscaper Ross Farrell to give some tips about building or improving a garden wall. First of all - budget. We ask what a homeowner can expect for their money. Next - choosing a garden wall contractor. What are the most important questions to ask him or her? When should payment be made? And finally, what are Ross's personal garden wall likes and dislikes.


First of all, we asked what type of wall the owner of a typical Dublin garden could expect for their budget.

"The basic block wall is very common in Dublin gardens. Depending on budget or taste, there are several ways to enhance it. For a standard garden, people should budget anywhere between €800 and €9000 depending on what type of wall they want. I'll start at the less expensive budget options and work up!

Plaster And Paint

The least expensive option is to plaster and paint or colour render a basic block wall. The wall is then capped to protect the plaster.

Wood Cladding

The next option is to clad a block wall with hardwood or softwood timber.


After that, you are getting into brick. The existing block wall is faced with brick which is tied to the block wall.

Stone With a larger budget you could face the wall with natural stone - granite or limstone. Again, this is tied to the block wall and then pointed.

Dry Stone Wall

And the most expensive option is a dry stone wall. It costs more because the stonework is time consuming and skilled work."

Top Questions To Ask?

What questions should customers ask before hiring a company to build a wall?

Portfolio "Ask to see photos of other jobs they've done. Or go to see them yourself. If the wall is pointed, pay attention to the quality of the finish. "

Ask For Details

"The most important part is getting the foundation right. Ask what depth and width that will be. Can they explain in detail how they will build the wall. "

Is It Built Against A Bank?

"If the wall is built against a bank, it will need drainage i.e. drain pipes at intervals along the bottom of the wall. "

When Should Contractor Be Paid?

When should contractor be paid?

"In my case, I ask for 30% up front as a confirmation and to cover materials. Another 30% is paid half way through. And the balance is paid on completion."

Garden Wall Likes and Dislikes?

What are your personal wall likes and dislikes?

"A lot depends on the site and the house. For example, brick wall may suit a red brick house. Likewise, stone will suit a stone-faced house."

I like dry stone walls. And I like a mix of brick and stone - it adds interest and looks well. would like to thank for their helpful advice and tips for this article.

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