Make Your Garden Feature

Make Your Garden Feature

It's been a wonderful, warm Summer so far - and long may it last. I've really enjoyed sitting in the garden and even adding a few bedding plants here and there to brighten it up. I have to admit that it does still look a little safe - you know, grass in the middle, shrubs and flowers around the edge. I've been thinking it's time to try something a little more inspired.

So, this week, in search of said inspiration, I've looked through for garden design ideas. And I've picked some wonderful gardens, all designed by professional Dublin landscape gardeners for their clients. I focused on photos which show how simple features and careful details can lift a garden onto another level. Even with that criteria, it was hard to narrow down my choice. There's hundreds of great garden photos to choose from on To see more of them, just visit pickapro photos

Attention To Detail

I love this photo from Greenstone Landscapes. It's a perfect example of how a simple feature can provide a wonderful focal point. The recessed granite alcove is a perfect contrast to the reclaimed red brick wall. It doesn't actually take up any space, so it's perfect for a small garden. Even better, you can change the look from time to time by changing the plant, or even trying a small sculpture. Greenstone planted lots of "cottage garden" flowers to complete the look.

Make A Colour Impact

Painting a wall is a wonderful way of adding colour to a garden. And this photo from Merton Designs shows the right way to do it. The mellow purple walls adds a splash of colour which blends beautifully with the green, lilac and red tones of the planting. Also in the photo is a traditional terracotta composter surrounded by herbs and flowers.

Garden Or Putting Green?

This contemporary garden by Amazing Gardens is a model of smart garden design and landscaping. High quality natural materials like Koda blue limestone, granite paving slabs and luminous rendered wall are used to create a backdrop that has plenty of interest and texture. The focal point (in the distance in this photo) is a minimalist water feature with fountain. Look closely and you'll see that the "garden" is in fact a synthetic putting green.

Traditional Water Feature

This rough stone water feature by Expert Decking and Landscaping will age gracefully and will look well Winter and Summer. Planting (still in it's infancy) in this photos is a mix of simple alpine plants.

One Great Sculpture

Here's a simple but effective garden feature. Start with an interesting wooden foutain, and plant a lush tropical garden around it. Landscapers, Evolutionary Designs transformed a formerly featureless garden into a tranquil oasis with sunny patios, water fountains and lush tropical planting.

Garden With A Contemporary Twist

The client brief for garden landscapers Greenstone Landscapes was a low maintenance garden but with a contemporary twist. For fencing, Greenstone chose a planed timber which covered the original grey block walls. It also created length and by painting it a lot of light was reflected back into the garden. The water feature created movement, and was inserted into a large rendered wall which screened the shed behind. The planting was simple and consisted mainly of box hedging, olive trees and ligustrum topiary balls

One Big Planter

Remember one big feature such as a planter can be a lot more striking than lots of little pots. In the garden by Merton Design, a big planter, leafy planting and a sleek horizontal new fence automatically gave the garden a contemporary feel.

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